Drop Cable Assembly

Factory Terminated Fiber Drop Cable, Terminated Fiber Drop Cable

Terminated Fiber Drop cable Also called Factory Terminated fiber Drop cable.It is a
factory-terminated fiber drop with SC connectors on one or both ends. It is available with
 SC/APC or SC/UPC connectors and in lengths ranging from 10 to 100 Meter. The FTTH
Drop Cable had been Terminated in one side to SC connectors. (Or Both side). This type
 is Both side Terminated in Factory.
•This is Factory Terminated Fiber Drop Cable-Terminated Fiber Drop Cable
•Produce by FTTH Drop Cable 1 Core
•Connectors and FTTH Drop Cable Pre-Terminated and Spliced in Factory.
•Ordered by 5M,10M,20M. Easy to operated in Ftth Constructions, push the connector to the Adapters
•Inside Floor FTTH Box, another side to home Box.
•Save operation time,saving the costs.
•SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, MT-RJ models connection head all could be asked to apply
•Small-diameter stainless steel sheath to protect tube
With improper to reverse the damage resistant
High-compression high-tensile, anti-rat bite
Construction more convenient, secure
Without fear of damaging fiber construction will
Without fear of destroying the future of foreign
Reduce future maintenance costs