Drop Cable Assembly

Terminated Drop Cable, Terminated Drop Fiber Cable

Terminated drop fiber cable Also called Factory Terminated drop fiber cable. It is a factory-terminated fiber drop with SC connectors on one or both ends. It is available with SC/APC or SC/UPC connectors and in lengths ranging from 10 to 100 Meter. The FTTH Drop Cable had been Terminated in one side to SC connectors. (Or Both side). This make the Fiber Drop cable to be pulled through trees and conduit.
Generally speaking, we make 1 core Drop Cable terminated in the Factory, this make good performance in FTTH fiber Connectivities.
The types of FTTH Drop Cable :
FTTH Drop Cable-Indoor Type
FTTH Drop Cable-Outdoor Type
FTTH Drop Cable-Tube Type



Structure of connector used for FTTH Drop pigtail-One Head Of Factory Terminated Drop Cable 
1, Ceramic Ferrule    2, Inner Body  3,Outer Body  4,Spring  5,Hedging Block 
6, Metal Tail Handle  7, Riveting Connector  8, Tail Cover  9, FTTH Drop Pigtail
1, Produced in factory, good stability, good face physical.
2, low bending radius, good resistance to pressure, interference, lateral pressure.
3, It is convenient to strip, laying, distribute into tube in buildings.
4, The diameter of FTTH Drop cable is small, the weight is light ,it is good looking in the indoor places.
5, The tube type has waterproof materials to prevent moisture and rain erosion.
6, It can use many kinds of connector to reduce the construction time.
7, unique connector’s structure, professional production.
8, After laying finished, the construction quality could be tested by now.
9, Used in end user, it is good looking, has good resistance for pulling, and it is easy for maintenance.
Technical Properties For Terminated Drop Cable/ Terminated Drop Fiber Cable
1, Insertion Consumption:<=0.3dB
 2, Echo Consumption: >=50dB(APC>=60dB)
3, Fiber Type: G.657 Fiber,9/125 um
4, Cable Pulling Resistance:50N
5, Cable Size: 3.1mm*2.0mm(indoor type); 5.1mm*2.0mm(outdoor type)
               tube type: 6.8mm  inner size:3.1mm*2.0mm
6, Working Temperature: -25°C~ +70°C