Drop Cable Clamps

Ariel Drop Cable Clamp, Ariel Drop Cable Kit, FTTH Ariel Clamp

Ariel Drop Cable Clamp Designed For Fixing Fiber Drop Cable Ariel Support, This Ariel Drop
Cable Kit provides good support in FTTH Constructions..
Item No.:CWCTB13048
We Also Called it as “FTTH Drop Cable Ariel Clamp”, “Fiber Drop Cable Ariel Clamp”, ”FTTH Ariel Clamp”. Cheerwe is a china Ariel Drop Clamp Manufacturer. This Ariel Drop Cable Kit is used in FTTH construction. It provides support for 1-4 fiber Drop Cable Ariel Mounted. This FTTH Ariel Clamp is used together with Cheerwe “Drop Cable Dead-End Clamp” for Drop Cable Support at long Distance.
Also it could be fixed with Stainess Rope to Support Cheerwe “Ariel Fiber Drop Cable Distribution system”