Drop Cable Clamps

PA Nylon Protection Duct, Power Cable –Fiber Cable Protection Duct

PA Nylon Production Duct Connect Power Circuit Box To Device Box , This Power Cable-Fiber
Cable Protection provide Waterproof and Fire-Proof in Cable Protection Outdoor
Item No.:CWDCG13060
We Also Called it as “Power Cable Protection Duct”, “Fiber Cable Protection Duct”, ”Waterproof Fire proof Nylon Duct”. Cheerwe is a china PA Nylon Protection Duct Manufacturer. This Nylon Protection Duct is used between Fiber  Device Box and Power Circuit Box. It provides Connection and Protection For Power Cable Or Fiber Cable . It provided Waterproof, Weatherproof, Fireproof depends to its strong structure and good quality material. This makes Power Cable/ Fiber Cable protected well inside.