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FTTH Construction

We are a China manufacturer provide Accessories Kit In FTTH Construction, the Accessories Kit In FTTH Construction is used for FTTH Network constructions,the FTTH Construction Kit is used for the different FTTH Drop cable.our production line include: Screw Kit,S Fix kit, Wall Angle,and other accessories.
Cheerwe- FTTH Construction Accessories Supplier.

1.Installed the dock process.pdf

2.Single-wire anchor fittings.pdf

3.double-wire anchor fittings.pdf

4.Four pieces of wire anchored.pdf

5.Clip wedge anchor fittings.pdf

6.Clip wedge anchor fittings.pdf

7.Hanging wire pendant.pdf

8.Wall hanging.pdf

9.Adjustable pole hoop.pdf

10.Middle Bracket.pdf

11.Tighten adjustment screw.pdf

12.Spring hasp (shackle.pdf

13.Nylon cable ties.pdf