Fiber Demarcation Box

Demarcation Box, Subscriber Demarcation Box

Demarcation Box also Called Subscriber Demarcation Box, this Fiber Demarcation Box is used
 in FTTH/ FTTA Connection End User Connection
Item No.:CWFTD13014
We Also Called it as “Indoor Demarcation Box”, “Indoor Cable Demarcation Box ”,”Indoor Subscriber Demarcation Box”
This Subscriber Demarcation Box is used in FTTH/ FTTA Connection. We use this Demarcation Box to make a Terminated Fiber Indoor. We use this Factory Terminated Drop with SC Connectors or SC/APC connectors. We take 1pcs Factory Terminated Fiber Drop SC Connectors, and Plug-In to the SC Connectors, to another side, we use 1pcs 2.0 or 3.0mm Patch Cable to make connection . this Factory Terminated Drop is installed indoor, provide good connection and protection in FTTH Constructions.
Material: ABS
Used Indoor Only