Fiber Distribution Frame

12-24-36-48-72-96 core Fiber Optic Splice Patch shelf

12-24-36-48-72-96 core Fiber Optic Splice Patch shelf, 12-24-36-48-72-96 core optical Fiber Patch Splice Shelf

designed for 19" standard optical distribution frame,
Splice and distribution Shelve are inserted inside
1 Shelf with Fiber Splice Tray,1 Shelf with Patch Plate,6Pcs Adapters in 1 group.

12-24-36-48-72-96 Core For Patch Adapters Available.

Splice Tray 1Pcs with 12 core, Splice capacity up to 96core.

Capacity of up to 96 ports
Fiber bend radius control - > 40mm
Rack Mount Splice Distribution Enclosure


Termination/Patch Plate Swing Out,and Patch/Splice Tray could be Pull Out.

Pigtails could be spliced inside Tray.

Termination/Patch Enclosure is Seperated to the Splicing Enclosure.

For Fiber Splicing/Patching.19 Inch Rack Available.

Advantage:Easy to Operate/Highdensity for Fiber Splice Terminations.

Order Informations:

CWFSC-12F12 12 Core

CWFSC-12F24 24 Core

CWFSC-12F36 36 Core

CWFSC-12F48 48 Core

CWFSC-12F72 72 Core

CWFSC-12F96 96 Core


Order Pigtails/Adapters,Please ask us for more Informations.