Fiber Distribution Hub

16 Core Outdoor Fiber Optic Box ,16 Core Outdoor Fiber Optic Box With PLC Splitter


This 16 Core Outdoor Fiber Optic Box is Designed For Outdoor Fiber Optic Connection and Distribution
1.The Box Wall Mounted, WaterProof
2.Material For Box: PC V0(If UV Required, could be ordered)
3.1Pcs Splicing Tray Installed,12 Core For Each Tray, Total 12
Core Fusion Splicing
4.16 Positions For SC/PC Or SC/APC Adapters.
5.Total 4  Ports,3 Cable Ports, For Fiber Cable Coming and Out,
1 Ports For FTTH Drop Cable Out.
6.16P Reserved Position For the FTTH Drop Cable Connection,
Drop Cable could be Connected with SC/APC Quick Connector
FTTH Quick Connection Technologies For SC/APC Or Sc/PC
 Quick Connectors.
Suggestion: Connection Using the FTTH Pigtails in the End User
Side,and SC/APC Quick Connectors in the Box side(32P Reserved