Fiber Distribution Hub

48 cores Fiber Closure

48 cores Fiber Closure


General Features

  1. Maximum capacity: 48 cores;
  2. Outdoor optical cable for overhead, pipeline, such as laying direct buried;
  3. Continuation and continuous differences, and to play a role in protecting joints;
  4. General access cable port 4, the maximum diameter: φ24; minimum diameter: φ6;
  5. Number of large core fiber optic cable can be allocated into each cell of the small corridor cable cores;
  6. Cable in and out of the mouth with a small number of cores to meet the four fixed cable seal;
  7. Out of the mouth in the same cable to meet the six fixed-wing cable seal;


 Product structure

Ambient temperature
Temperature:Range:Ambient temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
Relative Humidity:≤ 85% (+30 ℃)

Optical properties
Cable connector box of the remaining optical fiber coil placed in the device within the cable connector box installation operation, the fiber optic connectors should be no significant additional attenuation.

Sealing performance
Cable connector box sealed cases, the inflated air pressure of 2KG, soaked in water containers to ensure that no bubbles were observed, no leak, no cracks, no damage;

Sealing performance
Cable connector box test is repeated three times after packaging.
Inflation pressure for the cable connector box 1KG, soaked in the water container at room temperature stability of observation of 15 minutes without air bubbles escape, or the stability of observation 24 hours barometer indicates no change.

Electrical Characteristics
Insulation resistance:> 2 × 104MΩ
Compressive strength: 15KV (DC) / 1min without breakdown, flashover

Physical Characteristics
Plastic material: PP, ABS / PC, UL94V-0 outer structural parts: Stainless Steel
Internal structural parts: cold plate, aluminum alloy


mechanical properties
Tensile strength:> 1000N
Anti-stress:> 2000N/10cm2 pressure, time 1min
Shock: cable connector box should be able to withstand the impact energy of 16N / m, the impact of up to 3 times;


More than 30 years