Fiber Distribution Hub

FTTx FTTH Fiber Copper Cable Distribution Box,Outdoor Fiber ADSL Distribution Hub


Fiber Optic Splice and Copper Cable VDSL Connection in 1 Box
Details and Technical Specifications:
1.This Cheerwe Fiber and VDSL Distribution Hub is used in FTTH and FTTx Networks,
2.2Pcs 12 Core Splice Tray make fiber Fusion Splicing, total For 24 Core Cable Spliced
3.10 pcs Quick-Connection Module connect the Copper Cat5e Cable, make VDSL
Network connected,and provide waterproof up to IP54
4.3 Ports For Cable Entrance, up to 6 Ports.
5.The Box Wall Mounted and Direct Buried, Waterproof up to IP54 Standard.
6.We call the Box Cheerwe Hybrid Box For FTTH and FTTx Solutions.
7.Order Item No.: CWFTHB-100P-24C
Fiber Optic Splice and Copper Cable VDSL Connection in 1 Box



This Box CWFTHB-100P-24C is used in FTTH and FTTx Network,connecet 100 pair
Twist Cable Cat5e For VDSL and ADSL Transmission.Up to 2Pcs 12 Core Splice Tray
Could be spliced 24 core fiber Cable.After Using this Box, the Telecom Company could
Operate 2 types of Connection in 1 Box, provide ADSL network Service 2M/4M to End
User,and Reserved FTTH Services to him.
The Box CWFTHB-100P-24C is a cheap solutions in FTTx and FTTH Networks.