Fiber Distribution Hub

Fiber optic Splice Closure with PLC Splitter, Fiber optic Splice Closure with Fiber Optic Splitter


This Fiber optic Splice Closureis to provide fiber optic splicing and Fiber Patch-Terminations. pigtail is installed inside
The tray,and Fiber optic Adapters is installed,PLC Splitter Installed.
PC plastic with high-strength to make the closure have longer service life-span and excellent sealing performance. 
It can be installed one 1: 16 or two 1: 8 PLC optical splitters in maximum, or installed one 1: 16 box splitter. 
It can be installed 18 PCS SC adapters in max. (Other adapter type can be customized). 
It can be installed 18 PCS SC/PC pigtails with 1.5 meters in max. 
There are different drop cable elements to be chosen. (Suggest as FTTH Drop Cable Pigtails)
The patented sealing structure keep good sealing performance after re-entry. 
This closure is the good solutions for old building area fiber Enlarged.(OSP Outside Plant)