Fiber Distribution Terminal

Fiber Distribution Terminal, Fiber Distribution Terminals 32 Core

Fiber Distribution Terminals Designed For Multi Dwelling Units( MDU) in FTTH Network, This
 Fiber Optic Distribution Terminals provides 32 Subscriber Drops.
Item No.:CWFDT13032
We Also Called it as “Outdoor Fiber Distribution Terminal”, “Outdoor Fiber Optic Distribution Terminal ”,”FDT”. Cheerwe is a china FDT Manufacturer. This FDT is Serviced in FTTH Network For UP to Thirty Two Subscribers.
This Wall Mounted Fiber Distribution Terminals is used in Outdoor For Waterproof. It provides 32 Subscriber Drops. Subscriber Drop with SC Connectors or SC/APC connectors. We take 1pcs Factory Terminated Fiber Drop SC Connectors, and Plug-In to the SC Connectors.
This Fiber Distribution Terminals make connection between Distribution Fiber Cable and Drop Cable.
This 32 Core Outdoor Fiber Distribution Terminals provides Test Access Point Inside.
Material: ABS
Used Indoor Outdoor.