Fiber Distribution Terminal

Fiber Dome Stubbed Terminal, Fiber Dome Stubbed Terminal 32 Core

This Cheerwe Fiber Dome Stubbed Terminal is used in Outside plant FTTP Networks
1).The Fiber Dome Stubbed Terminal is Heat Shrinkable Type, install 1pcs 12 Core Splice Tray, We also call it as FDST.
2).the 32 Ports Fiber Dome Stubbed Terminals has 32 Ports Plate For SC/PC
Or SC/APC Adapter ,2 Ports Reserved Plate For SC Adapters.
*Up to 64 Core under E2000 Adapters.
3).Installed 1pcs 32 Core Mini PLC Splitter or 2Pcs 16 Core Mini PLC Splitter
4). It provides 32 Subscriber Drops. Subscriber Drop with SC Connectors or SC/APC connectors. We take 1pcs Factory Terminated Fiber Drop SC Connectors, and Plug-In to the SC Connectors.
This Fiber Distribution Terminals make connection between Distribution Fiber Cable and Drop Cable.
This 32 Core Outdoor Fiber Distribution Terminals provides Test Access Point Inside
1 Overall Port, and 6 Small Out Ports For Cable Entrance
Dimension For the Closure: Diameter-220/Height 455(mm)