Fiber Drop

Lead-In Assembly, Lead-In Assemblies

Lead-In Assembly also Lead-In Assemblies, this Lead-In Assembly is used in FTTA solutions, it
Provide connection from Customer to Networks.
Lead-In Assembly Also called “Lead-In Assemblies”, “Lead-In Pre-Connectorised Cable”. It is a factory-terminated fiber drop Cable with SC connectors on one side. It is available with SC/APC or SC/UPC connectors and in lengths ranging from 5 to 100 Meter. The Lead-In Assembly had been Terminated in one side to SC connectors. And Another Side would be spliced to PLC Splitter Or Pigtails. Generally speaking, we make 1 core Drop Cable terminated in the Factory with SC Connectors, and this make it to rapid Connection in FTTA Network.
Together With Cheerwe “FTTA Connection Drop” or “FTTA Junction Box”, it could get Waterproof IP67