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Fiber Optic Patch Cable

We are a China manufacturer provide Fiber Optic Patch Cable, the Fiber optic patch cable is used in the FTTH and FTTx Network,the Fiber optic patch cable is connecting the fiber optic adapters in ODF and fiber distribution Box.our production line include: SC FC LC MTRJ E2000 patch cable.
Cheerwe- optic patch cable Supplier.

Fanout Optical Splitters,Fanout Optical PLC.pdf

Fanout Pigtails, Optical Fiber Bundle Pigtails.pdf

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Fiber Optic coupler.pdf

Fiber Optic Patch Cord,Fiber Optic Patch Cable.pdf

Fiber Optic Pigtails,Fiber Optic Jumpers.pdf

Fiber Optic_in-line_attenuator.pdf

Fiber Optic_simplex_cable_and_fan_out.pdf