Hardened Adapters

Hardened Adapter, Miniature Hardened Adapter

Hardened Adapter also Called Miniature Hardened Adapter, this Hardened Adapter is used
 in FTTH/ FTTA Connection Outside Plant (OSP Environment)
Item No.:CWHD-SC13031
We Also Called it as “Hardened Connector To SC Converter”, “Miniature Hardened Connector To SC Converter ”,
This Hardened Adapter is used in FTTH/ FTTx Connection Outside Plant Connectivity. We  use this Miniature Adapters on the “Fiber Drop Cable Connection”. We take 1pcs Factory Terminated SC Drop Cable to Plug-in this Miniature Hardened Adapter, and install it on the Box or Terminals, and another side Plug-In SC Pigtails or STUB Cable. This Hardened Adapters provide good connection and protection in FTTH Constructions.