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FTTH Drop Cable Pigtails, FTTH Pigtails


FTTH Drop Cable Pigtails, FTTH Pigtails


In these few years, with the development of optical telecommunication industry and the promotion of relative technology, FTTH have been the final solutions of fiber to network.  It not only adapts to the requests of optical technology development , but also adapts to the requests for high speed and massive transmission of optical network signals from many users. In FTTH access projects, common indoor fiber optic cable’s mechanical flexible ability and
tensile properties cannot meet the requests of indoor distribution. Under the situation of market’s needs, existing the FTTH drop cable with low bending radius and high intensity , will be widely used in FTTH’s network access.
The types of FTTH Drop Cable:



FTTH Drop Cable Pigtails, FTTH Pigtails
Structure of connector used for FTTH Drop pigtail




1, Ceramic Ferrule    2, Inner Body  3,Outer Body  4,Spring  5,Hedging Block 
6, Metal Tail Handle  7, Riveting Connector  8, Tail Cover  9, FTTH Drop Pigtail


FTTH Drop Cable Pigtails, FTTH Pigtails
1, Produced in factory, good stability, good face physical.
2, low bending radius, good resistance to pressure, interference, lateral pressure.
3, It is convenient to strip, laying, distribute into tube in buildings.
4, The diameter of FTTH Drop cable is small, the weight is light ,it is good looking in the indoor places.
5, The tube type has waterproof materials to prevent moisture and rain erosion.
6, It can use many kinds of connector to reduce the construction time.
7, unique connector’s structure, professional production.
8, After laying finished, the construction quality could be tested by now.
9, Used in end user, it is good looking, has good resistance for pulling, and it is easy for maintenance.